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Best Boxing Punch Trackers

Pull No Punches: Best Boxing Punch Trackers

More people are boxing for fitness, and now with wearable technology, you can keep track of your progress in detail.  With boxing punch trackers, you can keep track of the speed of your punches, the velocity of your punches and where they land like you never could with the naked eye. You can even get feedback between round, or immediately anytime. Boxing punch...

Best Basketball Shot Trackers

Light Up the Court: Best Basketball Shooting Trackers

Like baseball, statistics and basketball have been fused into the data analytics movement. Teams are looking for any edge they can get to win more games. On the individual level, players are doing the same by using wearable technology to improve their skills. The three most popular wearable devices for basketball are the Shot Tracker, Hoop Tracker, and SOLIDshot...